A history of the world in 6 glasses

Tea drinking in nations of the former British empire continues to this day. What global processes are revealed by reading this book? How do these new drinks become accepted in part through their supposed medicinal value?

England enacted taxes designed to protect English sugar producers from competition with colonial producers, something which contributed to the American Revolution.

The marketing of tea and tea paraphernalia provided additional evidence of the emergence of consumerism in England.

Rum quickly became the most popular currency on the African coast. Tom Standage divided the history of the world into six periods, each forming a different chapter in the book: As Tom Standage states, we can live without food for quite a while, but will die very soon of fluid deprivation.

Introducing students to projects which can be referenced all year, I use it as a touchstone, or foundational, text. Retrieved September 27, This directly increased infant survival rates, and thus increased the available labor pool for the industrial revolution.

Through European exploration, distilled wine spread to Africa and the Americas, where the slave trade was booming. Also useful if parents question the assignment. Bring your book and be prepared to discuss the following questions some time during the first two weeks: You may use Inspiration or Prezi.

Beer was a byproduct of the defining event of early civilization: Cities, regions, rivers, mountains, deserts, plateaus, seas, oceans. LitCharts always wonderful has an exceptional set of materials for this book. The spread of religion, especially Buddhism and Taoism but also Christianity, can also be understood.

Coffee shops emerged as centers for political debate and intellectual discussion. After the American Revolution and the establishment of the United States of America, rum became less popular, replaced by other distilled alcohols like whiskey made from fermented cereal grains and bourbon made from the fermentation of corn.

Below are some suggested topics you would might want to write about for each glass. Coffee shops were the perfect place for revolutions to be planned, and indeed, the French Revolution was launched from a Parisian coffee shop.

Cities, regions Fertile Crescentrivers, mountains, deserts, plateaus, seas, oceans. Do you think this book has a universal point of view or is it culturally specific?A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage I first read A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage for fun (yes, fun).

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This page guide for “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” by Tom Standage includes detailed chapter summaries and analyses. A History of the World in 6 Glasses has 14, ratings and 1, reviews.

A History Of The World In 6 Glasses Summary and Study Guide

Max said: First off, let me just say that if the concept of this book interests /5. A History of the World in 6 Glasses covers the material as advertised, walking through human history via beer, wine, spirits, tea, coffee and soda (Coca-cola primarily).

Tom Standage, A History of the World in 6 Glasses (Walker & Company, ). As a high school world history teacher, I look for sources that will help history come alive for my students.

In this book, Tom Standage tells a popular history of the world through six beverages: beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and Coca Cola. A History of the World in 6 Glasses [Tom Standage] on mi-centre.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A History of the World in 6 Glasses

New York Times Bestseller From beer to Coca-Cola, the six drinks that have helped shape human history. Throughout human history/5().

A history of the world in 6 glasses
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