A review of the novel silas marner

Nancy and Godfrey are married, and Eppie has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Review of Silas Marner

Godfrey Cass is now free to marry Nancy, but continues to conceal the fact of his previous marriage—and child—from her. If the metaphysical implications of Silas Marner go beyond the realm of earthly reality, the primary moral intent of the author is firmly grounded in human relationships.

Silas Marner

He is viewed with distrust by the local people because he comes from a distant part of the country. Sympathetic to Silas and offers him practical support in raising the child.

He settles in Raveloe, where he feels hidden even from God. Sixteen years pass, and Eppie grows up to be the pride of the village. He goes with Doctor Kimble and finds that the woman Marner found is indeed his wife and that she is dead. This determination causes even warmer feeling for him in Raveloe, and he is given much well-meant advice.

When he awakes, he sees gold by his hearth and thinks his money has come back, then he discovers that the gold is the hair of a child. Godfrey suffers the pangs of conscience while maintaining an outwardly cheerful, gregarious disposition.

Shocked by this revelation, and coming to the realisation of his own conscience, Godfrey confesses to Nancy that Molly was his first wife and that Eppie is his child.

Their childlessness is a great trouble to Godfrey, who has always wanted children. Ben Winthrop, wheelwright, largely invisible in the novel.

However, instead of turning over the horse at once, he rides in the chase and kills the animal on a stake. For fifteen years he has lived like this.

Eppie, however, does not wish to be claimed. Studies in English Literature, He tells no one of her identity, and he does not have the courage to claim the baby for his own.

But one day the elder deacon fell ill and had to be tended day and night by members of the congregation, as he was a childless widower. Fifteen years earlier, Silas was a respected member of a church at Lantern Yard in a city to the north.

He blackmails his older brother, until he disappears.

Silas Marner Summary

In both stories theft is a pivotal event: Her child slips from her arms.Silas Marner is a weaver and a recluse with a propensity to hoard and obsess over money. He was an unlikable, if not a pitiable character at first, that was difficult for a lot of people to relate to. Review questions over the novel Silas Marner by George Eliot Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

In the novel Silas Marner, George Elliot ensures that the reader gets the entire picture together of the description of a typical small town, isolated from society, and that each and everyone of.

Silas Marner is a linen weaver, and a fairly happy person. He has a best friend, William Dane and a fiancée, Sarah, a young servant woman. Marner is also a part of Lantern Yard, a church community and is very actively involved.

One day Silas Marner is summoned to Lantern Yard and is accused of stealing money from the church. The protagonist, Silas Marner, grew up in Lantern Yard, where he was an active and respected member of a religious community.

However, after being framed for a theft and refusing to admit his culpability, Marner is forced to leave Lantern Yard. George Eliot's tale of a solitary miser gradually redeemed by the joy of fatherhood, Silas Marner is edited with an introduction and notes by David Carroll in Penguin Classics.

Silas Marner Critical Essays

Wrongly accused of theft and exiled from a religious community many years before, the embittered weaver Silas Marner lives alone in Raveloe, living only for work and his precious hoard of money/5.

A review of the novel silas marner
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