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To make things even more difficult for such organizations is that these questions are not only asked and answered once, but rather will have to continuously ask the same questions over and over to ensure the company is keeping up with its ever-changing demographic.

What information do they need to evaluate this opportunity? The next aspect in the marketing mix is place. Therefore, each company must divide up the total market, choose the best segment, and design strategies for Case study trap ease america serving chosen segments.

The first step in the strategic planning process is defining its overall purpose and mission. Another critical step in starting a company correctly to ensure both initial and future successes, is knowing who your target demographic is, and focusing on them specifically during company start up.

The first thing that i would like to change would be to hire more people in the company specially in the marketing department and also increase the marketing budget because first of all Trap-Ease is a new product and it is a good idea to do a good amount of marketing as it creates more awareness about the product and it makes the penetration of the product in to the market for the first time easy and smooth.

To create a successful mission statement, an organization must first ask itself a series of difficult questions: Trap-Ease Americas competition is with any company that makes any kind of mouse traps like the spring loaded traps, gel traps or the poison.

The marketing mix for Trap-Ease is as following Product — The Trap-Ease mouse trap which is an new and innovative idea for catching mice in a more safer, hygienic and effective way and it does not create a mess while or after the mouse is caught. The advantages listed in this case-study could make this product highly ascribable, and could have instantly made this company successful, but the first introduction to this new product, the mission statement, does not make this innovative new product seem any different from any other mouse trap on the market — in short, it tells us nothing.

And what should our business be? It was safe to pets and people alike by not utilizing any sort of poison to catch the mouse, and there was no resulting mess when the mouse was caught, and could be disposed of however the consumer saw fit.

So what happened in this case study, what went wrong and stopped consumers from buying this innovative new product? I think that Trap-Ease should be more advertised by placing an advertisement on TV shows that the targeted market segment usually sees and plus they could also have a nice service team tat could deliver or attend to the problems the customers are facing with the product and also help them set up the product at their home, and if they have a good service team then it can help them to make better relationship with their customers.

Control procedures may have saved this company. Martha did do some research to find the target demographic for the product, although I believe as previously mentioned, could have been done more efficiently, it could have been divided even further to focus on smaller more specific segments which in turn would prove to be more promising initially which would have set up the company to eventually grow as the demand for he product would.

Thus, sound marketing requires careful customer analysis. She should have hired more sales people immediately and taken up much more advertising through billboards, radio stations, etc. These steps also fall into the category of the last of the 4 AS: Thus, they wanted a means of dealing with the mouse problem that avoided the unpleasantness and risks that the competitors trap created in the home.

It posed no injury or poisoning threat to children or pets. I believe going with someone not associated with the company who knows how to successfully implement a marketing strategy is important in this case so that Martha can learn what is necessary not only to create a successful business, but also how to maintain one.

Upper Saddle River, NJ: Targeting more market segments is also advisable as it will increase the units of the product sold thus increasing profits but we have to be careful while selecting which market segments to choose besides women and also do the marketing for each of the segment accordingly to have a positive result.

Trap-Ease initially got a lot of attention by being mentioned in popular magazines, and TV shows, and by winning a competition for the best new product of the year. In this case-study, despite having a product that should have set the company up for success, it fails. As previously stated, it is imperative for a company to constantly reevaluate itself to ensure it is keeping up with the ever changing world and demographic.

By simply targeting women, Martha may have missed her target, any homemaker who after a long day of work whether at home, at the office, or both do not want to come home to a dangerous mess that would result from the competitors inhumane mouse traps.

Martha did do some research to find the target demographic for the product, although I believe as previously mentioned, could have been done more efficiently, it could have been divided even further to focus on smaller more specific segments which in turn would prove to be more promising initially which would have set up the company to eventually grow as the demand for the product would.

Then to find the best marketing strategy and mix, the company would engage in marketing analysis, planning, implementation, and control which this company completely left out of their plan.

Trap-ease America also needs to determine the products strength, weakness, opportunities and threats to further analyze and decide how they want to sell the product and use this opportunity to its fullest.

It had won the award for the best new product at the National Hardware Show beating over other new products, People magazine ran a feature article on the trap, and the trap had even en the subject of numerous talk shows and articles in various popular press and trade publications.

Martha and the Trap-Ease America investors believe they face a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Case-Study: Trap-Ease America

This is a good marketing segment to start off with but Martha is specially targeting the women who are housewives and who are usually at home and the problem is the now days the number of women opting to stay back at home is shrinking day by day as more of them are looking for jobs or are already working so this means that she is targeting a shrining market, to overcome this problem Martha could divide the target segment of women into different groups by age, profession, marital status etc Case study trap ease america then come up with different ways to sell Trap-Ease to each group of women.

Or perhaps there is not a designated homemaker, but rather a household with two incomes, and the household chores being shared throughout the family. Usually these other products have low quality standards compared to Trap-Ease and also cause some kind harm for the user or the animals and people around them therefore because of its innovative method to get rid of the mice Trap-Ease is the superior product.

Who is the customer? Fourth and final is promotion, which refers to activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it. To resolve this, I believe the best solution would be to bring in a third party who is a professional marketer to evaluate her marketing strategies so that a plan can be initiated and utilized which hopefully would turn the company around and make it successful.

Consumers could use it safely and easily with no risk of catching their fingers while loading it. If a company fail in creating a successful mission statement, they may lose the interest of potential buyers before the company even has a chance to market it.

I think that the one of the biggest problem with the marketing mix is that the customers are not repeat buying the product which can be because maybe the customers are not satisfied with the product, or just buying it as a novelty and its also possible that since the product is doing its job well and thus after buying the product for the first time there was no need or use of buying it the second time and since the firms only target market segment is women so the product is getting rid of the mice at their homes so there is no reason for them to buy it again therefore this should also actually encourage the firm to target other market segments like restaurant owners and others.Q 1.

Martha and the Trap-Ease America investors believe they face a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What information do they need to evaluate this opportunity? How do you think the group would write its mission statement? how would you write it?

A 1. I think they believe that they have a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity because Trap-Ease is an. Case study. Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mouse traps Faculty Name: Team Members: Sri, Tanushree Das,, 5/5(5). They are selling higher than the suggested retail price for the Trap- Ease mouse trap which is $ This would suggest that Trap-Ease has priced lower then some of its competitors which will give it a pricing advantage.

Trap Ease America Marketing Case Study MBA PROJECT GUIDE. Caso trap ease america Jesalcantar. The Mousetrap. Company Case 2 TRAP-EASE AMERICA: THE BIG CHEESE OF MOUSETRAPS Conventional Wisdom One April morning, Martha House, president of Trap-Ease America, entered her office in Costa Mesa, California.

OBJECTIVE OF CASE STUDY The objective of this case study is to: 1. Have a concept on the background of Trap Ease America 2. Solve the problems faced by Trap Ease America in marketing the products 3.

Restate the new mission statement of Trap Ease America 4. Identify the target markets that can be chosen by Trap Ease America 5. 95%(19). Martha, in our case-study 1.

Trap-Ease America

5 titled Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mousetraps (Kettle & Armstrong,p. ), does not appear to have much experience in running a company in any aspect, even when given a product that had the potential to .

Case study trap ease america
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