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Disaffirm Law allows minors privilege to disaffirm negate a contract to protect themselves from others. If one party has fully performed but the other has not, the contract is said to be executed on the one side and executory on the other, but the contract is still classified as executory.

A void contract produces no legal obligations on any of the parties. This type of contract differs from an express contract in that the conduct of the parties, rather than their words, creates and defines the terms of the contract.

Usually, quasi contracts are imposed to avoid the unjust enrichment of one party at the expense of another. When it comes to defining business law for an organization, this is one of the most challenging tasks that a business owner has to address up front.

One reason this may happen is that one of the parties is not familiar with the legal terminology used in the contract. Contracts entered into under legally defined duress or undue influence are also voidable. Defenses to the Enforceability of a Contract—These requirements typically are raised as defenses to the enforceability of an otherwise valid contract: The promisee can accept the offer only on full performance, and under traditional contract principles, an offer may be revoked at any time before the offer is accepted.

The law will not uphold any contract that obligated one of the parties to commit a tort. Misrepresentation by words or action of a material fact can also involve concealment. Even ordinary consumers in their daily activities acquire rights and obligations based on contract law.

All writings that are a part of the same transaction will be interpreted together. In other words, the time of contract formation in a unilateral contract is not the moment when promises are exchanged but the moment when the contract is performed. Usury Illegal practice of charging more than the amount of interest allowed by law.

A person who enters a contract while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not be considered incompetent at the time the contract was made. Innocent party can either rescind the contract voidable or enforce the contract and seek damages.

Capacity Legal ability to enter a valid contract. Void Contracts—A void contract is no contract at all. Interpretation of Contracts—Sometimes, parties agree that a contract has been formed but disagree on its meaning or legal effect.

Misrepresentation of age Despite this misrepresentation of age, most states will allow the minor to reaffirm of get out of the contract. If the contractual promise is not fulfilled, the party who made it is subject to the sanctions of a court.

Those elements consists of 1 an agreement consisting of an offer and an acceptance of that offer, 2 supported by legally sufficient consideration, 3 made by parties who have the legal capacity to enter into the contract, and 4 made for a legal purpose. Thus, when the language has more than one meaning, it will be interpreted against the party who drafted the contract.

Erika TX I appreciate that you guys provide free writing help for needy students like me. Additionally, contract entered into under fraudulent conditions are voidable at the option of the defrauded party. This will help you to better plan for the future of your organization. Unenforceable Contracts—An unenforceable contract is one that cannot be enforced because of certain legal defenses against it.

Business Law: Chapter 10 (Contract Performance, Breach, & Remedies)

That party may be required to pay damages for failing to perform the contractual promise; in limited instances, the party may be required to perform the promised act. No special form is required except for certain types of contracts that must be in writingas the contracts are usually based on their substance rather than their form.

For example, a contract can be void because one of the parties was adjudged by a court to be legally insane and thus lacked the legal capacity to enter into a contract or because the purpose of the contract was illegal.

When an Actual Contract Exists—The doctrine of quasi contract generally cannot be used when there is an actual contract that covers the matter in controversy. The innocent party must justifiably rely on the misrepresentation.

Business Law, (Chapter 10) Capacity

This is imperative because as the business owner, you are held accountable for the proper documentation of your employees. If the offer is phrased so that offeree can accept the offer only by completing the contract performance, the contract is a unilateral contract.

The Objective Theory of Contracts—In determining whether a contract has been formed, the element of intent is of prime importance. A signed lease for an apartment or a house is an express written contract.

Put simply, a contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties who agree to perform or to refrain form performing some act now or in the future.

The offeree is the party whom the offer is made. The meaning of the terms must be determined from the face of the instrument—from the written document alone. Max NJ I was totally stuck with my thesis proposal.Business Law, (Chapter 10) Capacity.

1) offer 2) effective acceptance 3) mutual assent. 4) legality 5) capacity Need essay sample on "Business Law, (Chapter Business Law Chapter 5: Elements of a Contract. Capacity the legal ability to enter into a contract Rebuttable Presumption the assumption that another person has the capacity to.

View Notes - Business Law Practice Test Questions from BUSINESS at Santa Fe College. Answers test 1 1.B 2.A C B 3.B B 4.D C 5. C D 6. B B 7. D D 8. A 9.

Chapter 10 Business Law Essay

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