Essay on importance of clean environment

This ensures an environment that is sustainable and functioning.

Environment and Development Essay

Because, Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies. Use following Environment Essay for your kids and children to help them in completing their school project or essay writing competition. Effective cleaning removes unwanted matter to the greatest or optimum extent possible.

The main objective of sustainable development is to preserve the resources of the environment for future generation use even after being used by the present generation.

Environments must be cleaned regularly to keep them sanitary. Substances are solids, liquids and gases and can be living or non-living.

Cleaning and the Environment

Reforestation of trees, composting of soil, to maintain their quality are some of the useful ways to replenish the resources of the environment. It is true that only a small effort by the end of everyone can bring a major positive change towards our declining environment.

Modern technologies should be developed to reduce the pollution at every step. Man made environment affects the natural environment to a great extent which we all must be together to save it.

Nowadays, the younger generations are the heir s of the modern technology addiction which seems to be doing more harm than good to themselves and the environment.

Conclusion The concept of sustainability is related to the concept of carrying capacity. In its narrowest meaning, environment means the immediate surroundings of man — his home, work place, market, neighbourhood, etc. The perception of sustainable development has changed.

Reducing inequality within and among countries. We all must take an oath together to protect our natural environment to keep it safe as usual forever.

Instead of these some environmental problems are also there like, solid waste management mining impact, impacts of hydro-electric projects effects of nuclear hazards and effects of industrial effluents.

Promoting healthy lives for all irrespective of age. It is also important to conserve natural resources, biodiversity, and wildlife.

Environment Essay

Essay on Sustainable Development and Environment Conservation — Essay 5 words Introduction Conservation refers to the process of protection, preservation, management, and restoration of natural environments and their inhabitants. In such cases, it is required to plant as many trees wherever possible.

Essay on Environment – Our Responsibility

It is important to keep the environment clean so that all living things continue to live in comfort and safety. Hence, trees, soil and every source of water is needed to be conserved and stopped from getting polluted.Oct 30,  · Hello, Here is yet another essay of mine.

The topic is "Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such as forests, animals, or clean one resource that is disappearing and explain why it needs to be saved." If you take a look and propose any suggestions on its imporovement, I'll be very obliged.

A clean environment ensures the continual existence and survival of all life on Earth. Cleaning the environment reduces pollution, protects unique ecosystems, prevents the extinction of endangered species and conserves resources, such as water, land and air. A clean environment ensures the.

Clean environment has been a question of importance and has grabbed a lot of attention lately. People are now gaining insight and becoming aware about the importance of a clean environment as it is important for the healthy life and a.

The importance of good and clean environment cannot be described adequately. According to many scientists, the factor which influences the growth of individuals most is environment.

6 Reasons You Should Care About Our Environment.

Short Essay on Importance of Clean Environment

A clean environment is essential for healthy living. If you don’t care about the environment, chances are it will become polluted.

It’ll be polluted with contaminants and toxins, which may harmfully affect your health. Biodiversity is important. Biodiversity refers to the variety of.

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Essay on importance of clean environment
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