Essay on not legalizing drugs

They are not all dirty with missing teeth and poor grammar. Drug use will even go down. Alternatively, all drugs could be legalized Essay on not legalizing drugs stop the drug war within the United States.

But price and availability, I need hardly say, exert a profound effect on consumption: Most of the violence associated with illegal drug dealing is caused by its illegality Legalisation would enable us to regulate the market, determine a much lower price and remove users need to raise funds through crime.

The only resulting effect will be a negative one. I strongly believe that there are a great deal of people who have not tried drugs out of fear of getting caught.

And no one should underestimate the possibility that the use of stimulant drugs could spread very much wider, and become far more general, than it is now, if restraints on their use were relaxed. There are many drugs that are so addictive, they simply cannot Essay on not legalizing drugs stopped cold turkey, they must be gradually decreased over time.

I can illustrate what I mean by an analogy: The drug user is often a worker with a family and a future. Legalisation returns lost revenue to the legitimate taxed economy and removes some of the high-level corruption. So long as any restriction whatever regulates the consumption of drugs, many addicts will seek them illicitly, regardless of what they receive legally.

Let us then abolish medical schools, hospitals, and departments of public health. They sap the will or the ability of an addict to make long-term plans. There is an idea that the drug user is a low class unemployed person.

And when the company asked its workers what it could do to improve their conditions, they unanimously asked for a further reduction in the price of alcohol, because they could think of nothing else to ask for.

It impairs their ability to pursue more important human aims, such as raising a family and fulfilling civic obligations. Other people assume that drug users are dangerous criminals while realistically nearly all of the casual drug users are peaceful and productive members of society Padgett.

Sure, construction workers are notoriously liable to drink heavily, but in these circumstances even formerly moderate drinkers turned alcoholic and eventually suffered from delirium tremens.

I do mean all drug dealers, by the way, from the drug kingpin who makes billions off of drugs to the guy on the streetcorner selling baggies of pot.

Legalization of All Drugs (Persuasive Essay)

You would not have to search or run risks of being mugged or arrested. Neither argument is negligible, but both are mistaken, I believe, and both miss the point.

It stands to reason, therefore, that all these problems would be resolved at a stroke if everyone were permitted to smoke, swallow, or inject anything he chose. Distinctions between the important and the trivial, between the freedom to criticize received ideas and the freedom to take LSD, are precisely the standards that keep societies from barbarism.

And when such a narrowly conceived freedom is made the touchstone of public policy, a dissolution of society is bound to follow. To the contrary, if the use of narcotics and stimulants were to become virtually universal, as is by no means impossible, the number of situations in which compulsory checks upon people would have to be carried out, for reasons of public safety, would increase enormously.

One of the greatest concerns of drugs is their contribution to the crime rate. Authoritarianism is not a bad thing, it is the flip side of freedom.

The murder rate in New York and the rate of drunken driving in Britain have not been reduced by a sudden upsurge in the love of humanity, but by the effective threat of punishment.

If this fear were taken from them, they would probably become drug addicts.

Ten Reasons (Not) to Legalize Drugs

How we deal with it is up to all of us to decide. Crime too often is the result of a drug problem.

In my clinics in prison, I see numerous prisoners who were on methadone when they committed the crime for which they are incarcerated. Consumption will go up dramatically. Even many of the harmful physical effects of illicit drugs stem from their illegal status: Because the people who support drug use assert that drug use can be a positive thing.

I believe that our country should uphold a few basic standards, and keep drugs and the problems they create out of our society. And it is true that once opiate addicts, for example, enter a treatment program, which often includes maintenance doses of methadone, the rate at which they commit crimes falls markedly.

The governments have made several efforts to control drugs and their users, however, to most the problem appears too out of hand. It has been proven to work.Drugs term papers (paper ) on Drug Should Not Be Legalized: Drugs Should Not be Legalized The question of whether to legalize drugs or not is A Very controversial and important issue.

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Drugs affect so many a. Term paper In this article a person thinks twice about what they are really doing when they use drugs, and it is clear as to why legalizing drugs would not be a logical solution As spoken in this essay about the legalization of drugs and its bad effects, Lynch uses a lot of relevance and sufficiency throughout his piece.

If such individuals are in prison because of these felonies, they are not able to go out and commit other crimes; however, if they are set free due to the legalization of drugs who.

Ten Reasons (Not) to Legalize Drugs. It's not that legalizing drugs will abolish problems, but that we should be addressing the root of the problem, that being poverty, and not a "boogeyman" of sorts.

2)There's a fundamental flaw with your argument in this situation. You're implying that there WILL be an underground market to provide these. The Effects of Legalizing Drugs Essay Words | 9 Pages (Preventable Causes of Death).

And if drug-related crime and deaths were not enough for society, Marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington--which has already created new substance-related problems. Persuasive Essay - Why Not to Legalize Marijuana. Topics: Law, Tobacco smoking, Legalization “Legalizing illicit drugs would generate billions in tax revenue” (Forbes, pp).

Essay on not legalizing drugs
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