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His letters were the earliest writings about Christianity, which transformed the tradition from an oral to written form and established instructions for the early Christian communities. More essays like this: Returning to Antioch Paul, accompanied by the Force, undertook his second missionary journey.

He was summoned by Barnabas to Antioch to preach, and then he traveled with him to Jerusalem. Throughout his pre-Christian phase, Paul began to persecute the followers of Jesus before finding his true calling Acts Paul showed the Jews, through his own example, that one could still be a practicing Jew, and still believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

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When he founded churches; he spoke to followers about how to live a Christian life, based on the teachings of Christ. When the Hellenists attempted to kill him, he went to his native Tarsus. In baptism there is neither man nor woman. That day will come as a thief in the night 1 Thess. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

These were original sin, Christology, and Eschatology.

Paul of Tarsus

Some examples of the accepted letter written by Paul are; Romans, Corinthians 1, Corinthians 2 and the Philippians. These rituals are significant because they continue to be the key rituals in Christianity today Paul died a martyr and soon after his death he was made a saint.

He also preached the concept of agape selfless love. These can then be used to checkout other documents on Thinkswap. Paul was an excellent orator and writer and was able to elevate Christ and changed Christianity to focus on Jesus and how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament Prophecies, rather than the some of Old Testaments views.

Therefore love is the fulfilment of the law. Although a Roman citizen, Paul experienced great difficulties, including imprisonment, while spreading his message of love and salvation.

Pauls argument that gentiles do not need to become Jewish and undertake circumcision to become Christians prevailed at the council.

The dead will be raised. After jesus, Paul was arguably the most significant figure in christianity.

A Jew himself, Paul spoke Greek and inherited Roman citizenship. This had a transforming and revitalising impact upon the then church communities. Soon after his return from Jerusalem, at the behest of the Holy Spirit, Saul with Barnabas went on their first missionary journey, which lasted from 45 to 51 years.

Paul of Tarsus Contribution Essay Sample

Paul established small Christian churches in Macedonia, especially Philippi and Thessalonica, his leadership kept the small but developing Christian communities together.

These foundational beliefs were significant to the development of Christianity because it identified what it was to be a Christian and what Christian spirituality.

Let women stay silent in church. His example and teachings from his writings transformed, challenged and inspired Christians in the first century and still continue today. Paul set up churches in seaports, such as Philippi and Neapolis, which helped the message of Christianity to spread quickly across the Hellenistic world, which resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of converts to Christianity in the Greek-speaking world.

Apostles walked the island of Cyprus. Specific instructions are given in particular areas, such as those relating to sexuality. Paul developed a Christian theology that was much more concerned with individual belief and ethical behaviour.

Exchange Credits represent the worth of each document on Thinkswap.Paul of Tarsus Contribution Essay Sample Paul the Apostle gave us not only some of the most profound pieces of early Christian theological reflection, but also some of the finest, poignant writing in history.

St Paul of Tarsus is a significant figure in Christianity due to his major contributions of writings and letters which form a significant amount of the New Testament. St Paul is considered to be the forefather of Christianity after Jesus. Paul of tarsus is recognised as the second founder of Christianity after Jesus.

He was born in tarsus somewhere between 0 and 10CE. Although his teachings have influenced every generation of Christianity of Christian thinking and every variant of Christianity, in Pauls early years he was a Jew and a Pharisee and was also know as Saul.

Paul of Tarsus Essay Stephanie Cairns - SOR The Second Most Important Man Towards Christianity Question: Analyse the contribution that Paul of Tarsus had on the development and expression of Christianity. St Paul was one of the first great organisers of the christian church and the first significant writer of christian scripture.

After jesus, Paul was arguably the most significant figure in. St Paul of Tarsus Essay Words | 3 Pages St Paul of Tarsus is a significant figure in Christianity due to his major contributions of writings and letters which form a significant amount of the New Testament.

Essay on paul of tarsus
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