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Classification and Marine Biodiversity

Beta Diversity between community diversity: For example, the differences in species; composition between the coral reef in the Gulf of Kutch and in the Andaman Islands would be called as gamma diversity. Back Home Classification and Marine Biodiversity To understand this huge array of species, a simple classification system is used to produce some order out of chaos.

Singapore recently embarked on a Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey. On mountains, decrease in species diversity takes place from lower to higher altitude.

Phytoplankton also produces oxygen to release into the atmosphere. Some examples of drugs and medicenes extracted from plants are: Range of Biological Diversity: To ensure that any utilisation of species and ecosystems is sustainable.

Energy can only be transferred. Benthos relies on nekton just as much as plankton. Wildlife acts as a source of gene bank for breeding programmes in agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, etc.

There is high genetic variation in Indian rhinos but little in cheetahs. The value of biodiversity in terms of its commercial utility, ecological services, social and aesthetic value is enormous. Imbalances created by human over population and industrial activities, will imposed biochemical influences on atmospheric and marine systems and their sustainability.

Instead, it must capture energy from the environment to use for biological work, a process involving the transformation of energy from one form to another.

Marine biodiversity conservation - Essay Example

As the population of our globe increases the demand for this product increases. Those that spend only part of their lives in the plankton are called memorization.

Equally important is the need to prevent the loss of thousands of years of human selection in crop species and domesticated animals for posterity. Some important ecosystems are savarmas, rain forests, deserts, lakes, wetlands and oceans. Thus humankind is involved in what has been called specie.

Homo sapiens in italics or underlined tit the first letter in the genus is in capital. Gradually, most of them were grown as agriculture. We think there may be be;en 5 and million species. Genus, species, describers, year they described it in. The term biological diversity or biodiversity refers to the variety of life forms and habitats found in a defined area.

Living resources conservation has three specific objectives: The diversity of ecological complexes or biotic communities found in a given area. Genetic variations occur to varying degrees in most species of plants and animals.

Signing sups Woodland and Gale, Humans, animals, plant and marine life all have a symbiotic relationship with the environment. The medicinal benefits are not only limited to plant compounds. Genetic diversity is the amount of genetic variability among individuals of a single species as also between species.

This demarcates three levels of components: We may look at the windward side and leeward side of the Fiji group. Biological diversity includes two related concepts genetic diversity and ecological diversity. Eileen Claussen, Ocean and coastal marine systems are also affected by changes in climate, through increases or decreases in water levels.

If genocide is a crime, specie is equally so. Some examples are as under Fig. They can tolerate environmental stresses like prolonged dry conditions. A myriad of marine species including some birds, are impacted by the availability of marine food sources and will have long term implications regarding freshwater and seafood supply for humans as well as animals.

Instead the law is biological creatures are born and they die. Such areas include wetlands, lakes, oceans, tree canopy and soil of tropical rain forests.Classification and Marine Biodiversity To understand this huge array of species, a simple classification system is used to produce some order out of chaos.

Example: this class has persons Of all sorts Of shapes, sizes, color, eye color, finger shape & size, etc. Marine Biodiversity Essay. Marine Biodiversity – Marine Biodiversity Wiki – MarBEF This article provides a summary of the components that make up diversity in the marine environment.

It is a 39;jumping off point 39; for more detailed nbsp; Biodiversity. The Impact of Sea Otters on Marine Ecology Essay Words 5 Pages Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) are marine mammals capable of spending their entire lives in water.

Marine Biodiversity Essay: Protists and Eutrophication by Brent Maloney Atlantic Canada Centre for Marine Biodiversity Essay Contest Bernice MacNaughton Highschool, Moncton, New Brunswick January 12, Maloney 2 From the tinniest microorganisms, to the humans that walk the plains, to the.

- BIODIVERSITY Biodiversity is made up of two words that is biological and diversity. Biological word is related to life and diversity is linked with variations or changes.

In simple terms, we can say that biodiversity means the variations in life.

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Marine biodiversity conservation is an important factor to the local and the international environment and there has to be participation between more than one country for the realization of the optimal supply amount for the benefit .

Marine biodiversity essay
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