Market mapping and channel development

They decided that the simplest solution was to set up a standing-order process, in which the supplier would ship a predetermined amount of the steadily-used products to the hospital every week. This process creates a classic win-win: We often get together a couple of times a year for corporate marketing-to-marketing briefings.

This was a major issue because there was, and still is, a shortage of highly skilled nurses, and their time is really needed for patient care.

A second type of conflict occurs when more than one channel competes for the same sale. What role is your channel strategy playing to make this happen?

Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. Channel strategy also implies you have developed a specific market coverage model that is appropriate for your product category — either exclusive distribution because of the very high sales cost required to develop the market, selective distribution because you see the need to have different channels for different customer segments or open distribution because your product is a commodity that Market mapping and channel development can sell with minimal sales effort.

To avoid getting swept away in the wave of channel partners vying to position themselves in front of both customers and sellers, you must cultivate a cohesive strategy to differentiate yourself from the crowd. When the team completed the channel map, it became crystal-clear that by increasing hospital inventories slightly on low-value items, both the supplier and hospital could reduce their expensive handing costs enormously.

Formalize marketing processes and measure results Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks have helped make more cost-effective marketing resources readily available to smaller companies, but your company will need to spend some money developing and implementing its channel marketing strategy.

As your managers and their counterparts use your channel map to discover opportunities for profit improvement, a broader set of managers in both companies will develop comfortable patterns for working together.

Market or system mapping is an analysis tool to closely examine the characteristics of the markets into which, e. In this process, it is very important to be comprehensive in your view of cost. Can the customer buy at one channel member and receive delivery from another?

Well, your door, or the door of any of the vast number of other channel partners that have rushed onto the field to meet demand. Are your channels calling on the right customers?

Sales & Channel Management

This sales organization focuses on: The only losers are the competitors, who see their market share drop and are left wondering why. Hebert estimates that through the efforts of one dedicated marketing resource and the entire executive team, Atrion completes up to client interviews annually.

How will post-sales support be handled? The challenge is to ensure the conflict not so severe that it reduces channel efforts to sell you products. All the solution providers interviewed for this story said that the channel should take better advantage of the marketing resources provided by technology vendor partners.

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If a marketer creates advantages, be they price, availability, support, etc. When you achieve this, both you and your customers will strongly and steadily grow your market share and profitability for years to come.

Coverage Does your channel strategy give you access to each customer segment? It also provides decisive competitive differentiation — building big barriers to entry based on customer knowledge, relationships, and trust.

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A successful, modern channel marketing strategy goes beyond word of mouth and vendors’ programs. Learn how to develop a winning channel marketing strategy.

Business development is all about creating relationships. Some in-house marketing directors wear both marketing and business development hats.

A talented marketing generalist with some business acumen can provide strategic advice and coaching in. Five tips for effective channel sales development. Posted: December 14, By Matt Heinz. I see a lot of companies managing their channel partners in a less structured way compared to their direct sales teams.

But in most cases, your expectation from the channel is the same as your expectation from inside and field sales. You expect. Mapping your channel. For example, channel maps were essential in the work that led to the development of one of the first, most widely-followed vendor-managed inventory systems, which Baxter.

Channel Development Marketing Strategy & Trends

Employ channel development marketing to differentiate yourself from the crowd and establish yourself as valuable to both hosting partners and clients alike.

Market mapping and channel development
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