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Participants self report the data gathered so Nur 408 clinical logs of diabetes in California may be higher than those reported. Epidemiology can be described as a science that uses quantitative, scientific, and research methods to study the risk, causes and factors of health related state or event in a specific population with the end result to inform and guide public health actions.

By definition, epidemiology is the study of population in order to 1 monitor the health of the population, 2 understand the determinants of health and disease in the community and 3 investigate and evaluate intervention Nur 408 clinical logs prevent disease and maintain health.

The incidence is a measure of new cases of disease that develop in a population during a specific time. It also includes public health surveillance, school of public health Analytic epidemiology studies the determinants of health related states or events.

Family Nursing Diagnoses Write a to 1, word summary in which you complete the following: Epidemiology can be used as a major determinant of evidence based practice because the outcome of monitoring is frequently utilized to guide a change in the way these disciplines practice and perform in their field.

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Format your reflection consistent with APA guidelines. Once this is achieved, the resulting information is a valuable tool in the prevention of morbidity and mortality in populations at risk for certain diseases or injuries.

This paper describes epidemiology as a science and analyzes the incidence of influenza pandemic among elderly from an epidemiologic point of view. Prepare a minute presentation of your health education tool. The discipline of epidemiology influences the practices of both clinical medicine and public health.

School of public health. Nurses rely on epidemiology data and methods to design, implement and evaluate community programs Stanhope, Lancaster. Influenza the flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus.

Watson Job-Aid and Reflection Create a job-aid such as a matrix, brochure, video, or podcast for colleagues in your current nursing practice that emphasizes caring relationships and evidence-based practice.

All students will also have an individual mid-clerkship meeting with the clerkship director sometime during week 3 or week 4 of the clerkship.

The scope of epidemiology includes infectious diseases such as influenza and chronic disease. It also measures the probability that unaffected persons will develop the disease. It causes mild to severe illness, and can be deadly. Descriptive epidemiology is the study of the distribution of health-related states or events.

A better description of epidemiology is the analysis of the incidence and spread of disease within populations, with the aim of establishing causality. A sufficiently large group must be studied to provide reliable results in such an undertaking.

The methods used to quantify the existence or occurrence of the disease during an outbreak are: The incidence is the number of new cases of a particular disease over a period of time. Epidemiology can be descriptive and analytic.

It refers to the occurrence of disease how manyin term of person whoplace whereand time when Stanhope, Lancaster. Submit the Job-Aid and Reflection as instructed by your facilitator.

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If despite these efforts it is determined later in the clerkship that a student might not get a direct clinical experience with a patient with one of the above conditions, an indirect experience will be created.

To pace the spread of disease, epidemiologists have developed scientific methods and set parameters for their study. Public health, epidemiology and nursing practice share the same goal of disease prevention and control.

Ensure that your tool achieves the following: University of Phoenix Material: For example, a student might be asked to interview and examine a patient with one of the above conditions on a different ward service.

Another purpose of epidemiology is to predict the occurrence of diseases in the future including where and under what circumstances diseases may occur and who will be affected Lukes, You will not actually deliver this health education tool to the participating family.

Address the following points in your letter: The morbidity survey is a gathering of morbidity data of both the sick and the well. It measures and tests the causes and associations how and whyfrom descriptive studies hypotheses, controls for chance, bias, confounding in the study design, analyzing data and drawing conclusions.

The tool is developed and presented only to your classmates and facilitator.

More Methods in epidemiology paper In San Bernardino County, California, one way data is collected is by use of a retrospective cohort study. Its also takes in account health behaviors diet, physical activitiessocial condition poverty, housing research and health services.

The case of influenza pandemic on elderly population is an example of how the principles of epidemiology are applied in vulnerable populations.Epidemiology Paper NUR University of Phoenix Instructor: Sandi Wheeler Katie Mauney.

Epidemiology Paper. Epidemiology today is considered to be the core science of public health and is described as a constellation of disciplines with a common mission: optimal health for the whole community (Stanhope & Lancaster, ). During that meeting each student’s overall clinical experiences will be discussed, including a review of the Clinical Log.

If needed, a student’s subsequent clinical rotation will be modified to the extent possible to maximize the chance of direct clinical experiences with patients with the conditions listed above.

Here is the best resource for homework help with NUR NUR at University Of Phoenix. Find NUR study guides, notes, and practice tests from. CLINICAL LOG GUIDELINES The Clinical Log is a mechanism whereby the student’s clinical progress and activities can be evaluated.

It provides an ongoing communication with course faculty that is essential. The log will be completed weekly and be submitted for evaluation by course faculty on dates identified in your course syllabus. clinical log example Page history last edited by [email protected] 9 years, 11 months ago Student's To Do Each Week: Fill out your clinical log of hours!

Uop Nur Weekly Clinical Log Reflection NUR / Week 7 – Assignment: Watson Job-Aid and Reflection August 5, Kim Hall University of Phoenix Introduction The use of theory and evidence-based research in nursing goes back many years.

Nur 408 clinical logs
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