Nyu visual arts administration thesis

Through lectures by the class coordinator, an Institute professor, and presentations by other members of the Institute faculty and external experts, students will be exposed to these topics in a way that conveys their complexity and richness.

Your application, transcripts and other necessary material can be uploaded, and applicants can Nyu visual arts administration thesis their recommenders via the online system.

MA in Visual Arts Administration

A strong emphasis is placed on acquiring the theoretical and practical tools for fundraising, financial management, marketing and knowledge of new media and technology in the visual arts.

Develops practical skills related to archival and library research; ethnographic approaches, including participant observation and interviewing; documentation and analysis of live performance; and analysis of documents of various kinds, including visual material.

Considers the conceptualization and design of research projects in the context of theoretical and ethnical issues and in relation to particular research methods and writing strategies. Emphasis is placed on collaboration across the visual arts administration field. Courses are offered on a rotating basis to accommodate both full and part time enrollment.

The final version of the thesis is due to the MA Thesis advisor in April. The Visual Arts Administration M. A major in art history is not required. Students complete the thesis during their last semester in the program.

For additional information regarding the program please call or write directly to: Arts Administration in the European Contexta study abroad seminar in the Netherlands and Berlin, Germany, is offered providing graduate students, alumni of arts administration programs, and arts management professionals with a unique opportunity to observe exciting changes in the visual and performing arts in a broad range of European venues.

High School Programs

Events The Curriculum The program requires 51 points of coursework for graduation. The topic may be developed from papers written for a lecture course, seminar or colloquium, or from independent research. Both readers must approve the Thesis before graduation.

To download a copy visit: This paper will be assessed by the professor for ability to research and write scholarly English, and must receive a grade of A— or better for the student to pass to the second year.

Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and fulfill at least 3 points of internships with a range of sponsors, including galleries, museums, and other arts organizations. Since its beginnings, the program has taken an extensive and integrated international outlook. Applicants must also submit a CV.

Events Established inthe MA program in Visual Arts Administration was the first in the nation to focus specifically on management careers in the visual arts, in both traditional and alternative contexts. Program addresses the whole art ecology, including the cultural environment in which art and arts organizations operate; the role of the artist in society; how artwork is documented, presented and interpreted; the structure and management of organizations that display artwork — both non-profit and for-profit; and the role of art theorists, critics, curators, and collectors.

Artworks have often generated multiple —and conflicting — interpretations and a large and varied body of criticism. Curriculum 51 points of course work are required for graduation. Student-led discussion sessions will explore the issues that have been raised, and through this course the students will be provided with the essential materials they need to further their own process of discovery and intellectual development.

Foundations II, Materials and Techniques: A complete first draft is submitted by March 1 to the MA Thesis advisor.

Graduate program in Visual Arts Administration

This course is offered every other year alternating with Methods in Performance Studies. In London, for example, students analyze the exhibition and display of art in material culture through a dynamic curriculum that blends classroom sessions and site visits. A colloquium provides an analysis or overview of the state of the literature on a given art historical topic or problem, with extensive reading, discussion, and presentations.

Business Courses 9 pts.The Graduate School of Arts and Science must approve any reader who is not a member of the New York University GSAS faculty in advance. All five members of the dissertation committee must be present when the student publicly defends the dissertation. Program Goals and Objectives.

Established inthe M.A. Program in Visual Arts Administration was the first in the nation to focus specifically on management careers in the visual arts, in both traditional and alternative contexts. Get information about the Program in Visual Arts Administration at the New York University in New York, NY at Peterson's.

Dissertations published before at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Wagner School of Public Administration, Stern School of Business, Silver School of Social Work, and Steinhardt School of Education are available on microform. Established inthe MA program in Visual Arts Administration was the first in the nation to focus specifically on management careers in the visual arts, in both traditional and alternative contexts.

Taking into account the cultural and economic impact of the visual arts, nationally and. The Institute’s MA in the History of Art and Archaeology is intended for students with a developed interest in the visual arts who wish to earn an advanced degree without the commitment to a multi-year doctoral program.

Nyu visual arts administration thesis
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