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The government will be able to build affordable housing such as temporary homes or apartments for the homeless. This greatly outweighs the cost of the new policy because it is more efficient and will greatly help the homeless.

Also make sure that it is national organizations Persuasive essay on homeless of local because there will be more results seen if everyone in the nation followed the same policy instead of individual ones. However, these policies are not making any progress because homelessness still occurs in most cities in the United States.

This policy has been enacted for years now and there is still a good amount of people who are homeless.

The streets are a dangerous place to live: The NAEH also plans on seeking aid to the young individuals who are with a home. A new, more reliable, policy needs to be created in order to see some real results in this battle against homelessness.

Regardless, it is still a good policy, but there is still need of improvement if the nation even wants to eradicate homelessness for good. Social Issues in the 21st Century 7 December Helping the Homeless Homelessness Persuasive essay on homeless a subject that a lot of individuals do not take into consideration.

There are still many people in America who are homeless even after this policy was put into action. However, it is very important that this new policy is brought into the right hands.

As it is now homelessness can be very costly for taxpayers greendoors. Since there is more focus on supportive housing over the individual homeless person it will cost less money to the public and it will provide what the homeless truly need, a home.

In order for this policy to change there would have to be a discussion with the NAEH. That is why change needs to be made. The policy helps the homeless by providing permanent supportive housing. By doing so they will be provided safety, and they are more susceptible to finding jobs and rising out of homelessness.

They see them as rats festering in the streets, and often judge them because of their horrible situation. The year is almost over and there are still many veterans in America who are without a job and a home.

With this policy homelessness has gradually decreased of the years, but it has not eliminated to problem. Homelessness is a worldwide problem that affects everyone. This policy needs to be changed because it is not fulfilling all of the possibilities that it initially could be.

As for the regular citizens, taxpayer money will be greatly reduced. People who can help them rise out of homelessness and create a more desirable living style. With the help of organizations like the PSHP homeless individuals with get the help that they deserve.

Another one of the policies priority was to enhance the ability of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF program to prevent and end homelessness for low-income families and unaccompanied youth endhomelessness.

More homeless individuals and families will have a better chance of finding affordable housing. Most of their top priorities were to enhance the ability of certain programs to prevent and end homelessness for low-income families and unaccompanied youth endhomelessness.

No person should be forced to live like that. By doing this they will be able to provide more youth with a stable housing foundation to act as a basis for achieving economic independence endhomelessness.

Furthermore, they plan to increase access to permanent, affordable housing for extremely low-income individuals and families by modernizing the Mortgage Interest Deduction MID and using savings to capitalize and fund the National Housing Trust Fund endhomelessness.

No longer will they have to spend enormous amounts of money on the homeless. As for veterans, the policy also states that they will ensure that veterans experiencing homelessness have access to needed training and employment services.

This policy would be more beneficial with organizations with the same ideas as the policy. Donating to organizations that support homeless housing can make a big difference in ending this epidemic.

A person experiences homelessness when they lose their home or is born without one. People will be safe and able to return to an actual home instead of being on the streets.Essay about Persuasive Speech: We Must Fight Homelessness Words 4 Pages Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to help fight homelessness Central Idea: With more help for the homeless we can make America better for everyone.

Example Persuasive Speech - Persuasive Speech: We Must Fight Homelessness My Account. Click here for more Persuasive Essays With more help for the homeless we can make America better for everyone Read Full Essay.

Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Stephanie Homberg Persuasive Speech November 27, An estimatedpeople experience homelessness in the United States on any given night.

Reasons why people become homeless include: lack of affordable housing, low wages, unemployment, abuse, health issues, or natural disasters%(3).

Argumentative Persuasive Essays - Society’s Neglect of the Homeless. Essay about Runaway and Homeless Youth - Homelessness is a real serious health issue all over the world that must be addressed. May 18,  · Speaker - Kayla Class - Communications 1, Public Speaking Doing a persuasive speech on homelessness.

ENJOY. Homeless shelter, Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States Words | 4 Pages. Open Document. Homelessness in America. Homelessness in America Each country in the world is faced with various social issues that attract the interests of Persuasive Essay Erica Crawley COMM August

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