School inequality essay

These generally good kids are put into situations everyday where they are required to just conform to what is expected of them.

However, as much as they talk about the problem, very seldom do I hear of someone actually stepping in to change the trend.

This stereotyping can lead to another likely cause of inequality, the mirror image perception where people tend to see those outside of their own group as either all bad or all good.

Another key role in the destruction of the school system is the bystander effect. The fail to consider that schools in the suburbs may have an entire curriculum devoted to advanced placement AP classes whereas you are likely to find at most one or two of the aforementioned classes in city schools.

Stereotyping is assuming that a group of people are all the same because they share race, religion, nationality and the like.

The Inequality in America’s School System

It will lead to an increase in the numbers of teen pregnancies, the unemployment rate, the number poverty stricken individuals, and a trend of drug or alcohol abuse in these communities. Unfortunately in urban schools where generally nothing is expected of them, that is what they do.

One of the reasons inequality has become so prevalent in our school systems is due to fundamental attribution error, which pretty much says that only bad people do bad, mean, or evil things and only good people do good things. People also tend to make the mistake of believing in the just world phenomenon.

For example, at least once every two weeks or so I hear in the news about the decline of the numbers of children graduating from high school in urban areas and an even greater decline in the number of children going on to college from these areas.

The bystander effect plays a role because everyone sees what is going on in our urban schools but because we know everyone else sees it we expect someone else to step up and fix the problem instead of taking the initiative to do something about it ourselves.

When in actuality when placed in the right circumstances good people can do good things and vice versa. This inequality is jumping off point, if left unresolved this problem will continue to contribute to the growing strain on the economy.

Most urban neighborhoods house blacks, Hispanics, and other immigrants; since America tends to view these people as ignorant or stupid, why would they bother building a better educational curriculum to go to waste on these people who are not capable of learning anyway.Free inequality public school funding papers, essays, and research papers.

Obscured by decades of controversy, school choice and school zoning have been both a blessing and a curse for parents and their students.

For one thing, school districts allow the freedom for. The Inequality in Public Schools. describing private-school parents as “bad people” and an essay on arguing that enrolling kids in of public-school inequality shouldn’t be.

Educational Inequality - It's Time to End School Inequality. Degrees of Inequality by Anne Mullen Essay - College life is a journey taken by many high school graduate in effort to explore a higher form of education, and most importantly build a new life outside the boundaries of their families to sustain a long path of toward successful career and to some, building a new family of their own.

We will write a custom essay sample on Inequality in Education specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Marxist argues that the values passed on by school are those of ruling class. In contrary to functionalism Marxist does not believe education system is neutral filter and grade according to meritocracy.

Instead it. Educational Inequality Essay One of America's biggest problems is the educational inequity that exists. According to Education Week newspaper, 17% of the schools in America are in high poverty. According to Education Week newspaper, 17% of the schools in America are in high poverty.

School inequality essay
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