The life cycle of a frog essay

The spots also ooze out a foul smelling liquid. Some have poison glands in their skin, like a chemical warfare tactic!.

Life cycle of frog

The male frogs are the ones that sing. So each eye of this animal forms a separate image of the object. Tadpole Shortly after hatching, the tadpole still feeds on the remaining yolk, which is actually in its gut! Two third part of this layer is opaque and lies inside the eye orbit and is known as sclerotic.

The ovaries have no internal connections with the kidneys. It is a short fine branch, which arises near the origin of each ventral branch and joins sympathetic cord of its side. Some females have voices too but they are softer.

All About Frogs For Kids and Teachers

Just inner to the bipolar neurons a layer of ganglion-cells is present, whose cells give rise to optic nerve fibres to form optic nerve in each eye.

It is a name of a plant in Borneo on which it lives. It is just reverse to the binocular vision present in human beings in which both the eyes can be focused simultaneously on a common object. You can find frogs in water or near places that have water like ponds and streams.

In some frogs the seminal vesicles are not found. The cones are chiefly concerned with distinguishing colour and day light vision. Thymosin stimulates the production of lymphocytes a type of WBCsincreasing resistance to infection.

It supplies muscles of the tongue, floor of the buccal cavity and some muscles of the shoulder and back. There are two protractor lentis muscles, one dorsal and one ventral, which extend between the cornea and the inner part of the ciliary body.

Posteriorly each sympathetic cord joins the 9th spinal nerve and later on ends there. Egg Frogs and Toads tend to lay many many eggs because there are many hazards between fertalization and full grown frogness! They are also part of the eco-system which means that whatever happens to them will affect other animals and even us in different ways.

An example of this is the Poison Arrow Frog Poison-dart. Characteristic feature of humerus is deltoid ridge and of femur is trochanter.

Some will try to fool the enemy by puffing themselves up with air to make it look too big to be swallowed.

A mature female frog can lay to ova at a time fertilization is external. Amphibians are cold-blooded animals.The life cyle of a frog is very interesting.

It changes from one form to another form in a process called, metamorphosis. Click here to find out more about the Life Cycle of a frog or download the picture for use in class.

The diagram illustrate the different stages involved in the life cycle of frog. There are six stages. Overall tadpole, emerge from in the water. After, that going to land maturing adult frog. Firstly, frig lay egg in water after that embryo develop the tadpole. They have thin body and long tail.

It is their development stage during this foots appear. Essay Contents: Essay on the Habitat and Habits Frogs; Essay on the Morphology of Frog; Essay on the Endocrine Glands of Frog; Essay on the Interaction of Frog with Mankind; Essay # 1.

Habitat and Habits Frogs: During this period it lives in a dormant life of very slow vital body activities. Whatever little energy required during this.

Frogs have some phases in their life cycle, part of the metamorphosis, which is interesting to be learned.

Life Cycle of a Frog

Frog’s life cycle begins from eggs. The adult frog may lay a mass of eggs.

Mom and Dad Frog Decide to Have Baby Frogs

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Essay on Frogs

Frog By between 12 to 16 weeks, depending on water and food supply, the frog has completed the full growth cycle. Some frogs that live in higher altitudes or in colder places might take a whole winter to go through the tadpole stage others may have unique development stages that vary from your “traditional” tadpole-in-the-water type life.

The life cycle of a frog essay
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