The scope of public administration

They can also appear for the Civil Service examinations. Public opinion should play the part of and authoritative critic in the conduct of administration What is special in studying public administration? Public administration is the single most important aspect of bureaucracies across the The scope of public administration be it a democratic, socialist or a capitalist state, more so in a socialist state, as all aspects of the citizen life are influenced and decided by the government.

Policy is concerned with decisions as to what to do; It lays down the broad objectives of what is to be done. To do this he says there are two spheres: The first and foremost objective of public administration is to efficiently deliver public services. In conclusion, both administrative technique as well The scope of public administration expertise in the substantive fields have equal importance in public administration.

How is public administration functioning and what are the immediate and long term effects of governmental action on the social structure, the economy and polity? According to the author, the shifts began from about with the first phase of school of thought ending at aboutduring which date the dichotomy between politics and administration was upheld.

But very often means do influence ends. Some of the publicadministration duties include schools, police departments, firedepartments, and health care services.

Nature and Scope of Public Administration

It has substantive impact upon the life of the people. It is expected of the state at present to work for accelerating socio-economic change and not to be a passive agency to maintain the status quo.

What jobs can you get with a public administration degree?

Therefore, its teaching should become a part of the curriculum of educational institutions. Modern view of PA considers the subject in terms of administrative theory the knowledge and applied theory the practiceboth of which a public administrator should possess.

The present day government is expected to provide various services to its population. It therefore becomes both a government as well as a public machinery of operation.

Father of Public admministration is, Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28 th President of America studied public administration, which he called "government in action; it is the executive, the operative, the most visible side of government, and is of course as old as government itself".

It is therefore important that the reader approaches the study of public administration with an open mind and without prejudices to appreciate the full nature, role, importance and relevance of the bureaucracy. Public administration therefore grew out of awareness that the machinery of government was inadequate and sometimes totally unsuitable to perform the functions of modernizing government.

Furthermore, administration, according to the integral view would differ from one sphere to another depending upon the subject matter, but whereas that will not be the case according to the managerial point of view because the managerial view is identified with the managerial techniques common to all the fields of administration.

Thus problems and grievances are addressed in Comparative Public Administration. The biologic, physical, and mental well-being of all members of society regardless of gender, wealth, ethnicity, sexual orientation, country, or political views.

The public administrators therefore have to play an important role in running the government as machinery. But no Government can exist without administration. Those who have finished their education in this field have the scope of getting good jobs in India as well as in foreign countries.

Hence the concern of academic inquiry would be to understand the impact ofgovernment policies and operations on society. These functions are over and above its regulatory functions. The role of the head of state in a parliamentary system like in the United Kingdom where real power rests with the monarch, and that ofsay, the United States where real power is vested in the President.

Bureaucracy has often been sneered and ridiculed at but if the administrative work is stopped, nothing really would be happening. Jackson argues that there should be a full exploration of the administrative systems across other cultures for purposes of analysis with empirical findings being put together for scientific analysis.

The role of public administration in the era of globalisation, privatisation and liberalisation also draws the attention on the relationship of the stale, public administration, market and society.

It might be something different that this IPObelow: Development administration is basically development theory of the third world countries.

Although politicians in government tend to absorb much of the political pressures on government, enough still filters through to the public administration to significantly affect its work.

It includes military as well as civil affairs, much of the work of courts, and all the special fields of government activity-police, education, health, construction of public works, conservation, social security, and many others.


In this view all the acts of officials of the government from the Attendant to the Secretaries to the government and Head of the State constitute Public Administration.

Administration is looked at, in the social science perspective, as a cooperative and social activity.Mar 16,  · Concept, Nature and Scope of Public Administration Comparative public administration is the study of two or more public administration systems, and then drawing parallels from them.

It has to do with an analysis of the operations of the system in question, for. Scope and Significance of Public administration The full scope of public administration would cover administrative theory and applied administration.

The wellbeing of the nation (society) is increasingly dependent on the efficiency of the Government (i.e.) Public administration.

Public administration is made up of two words, public and administration. Public includes all the activities carried out directly or indirectly by the administrative apparatus of the government.

The word ‘administer’ is derived from the Latin words ‘ad’ and ‘ministare’ meaning ‘to. SCOPE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION This unit describes the scope and what encircles in Public Administration.

Organization ; The study of public administration grew out of awareness that the machinery of government especially the executive branch, its institutions and its procedures has to be organized in the most efficient way.

Thus, in the study. SCOPE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Scope of Public Administration as a Discipline The scope of public administration as a discipline, that is subject of studies, comprises of the following: The POSDCoRB view Several writers have defined the scope of public administration in varying terms.

Aug 08,  · MacQueen, according to him, only men, material & methods are the factors of public categorized the scope of the public administration into five divisions-General administration i.e., who is to perform the function of direction, supervision, & control over administration.

The scope of public administration
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