Understanding nokias smartphone strategy

Going forward, the importance of fixing the execution issue is common to any strategy that is to be followed. The awareness of the need to build an array of services around its products was realised and given shape in the form of the Ovi services portfolio.

Smartphone are becoming fashion trend or decorative piece considering this in to mind Nokia launched more and more fashionable and functional smart phones like Nokia Lumia series of phones. MeeGo is not yet ready yet.

Nokia has to grasp all necessities in Smartphone Camera quality, internet, social networking features, e-mail functions and have to introduce features differing from its competitors like Samsung, LG etc Porters Five Forces Analysis: However, it is important to appreciate that these are not indivisible competencies.

The current competiveness of iOS, Blackberry and Android devices is of course, in part, related to their hardware and software functionality, but it does seem that their most significant difference to Nokia is their surrounding ecosystems. The most commonly cited example is the continuing debate around the Symbian user experience UX.

Nokia threw engineering resources at the problem, but adding engineers rarely leads to a directly proportional decrease in development time. Nonetheless, the move to Windows Phone will be an abrupt change for existing Nokia users and may not be universally welcomed.

The company is criticized again and again for its poor after sale services. Ultimately this mutual dependency is why I think Microsoft and Nokia will give everything they can to make this partnership succeed. Nokia does not rely on specific manufacturer of hardware equipments.

Nonetheless the potential is clear - a combination of Microsoft and Nokia offers the opportunity to create a very competitive challenger in the mobile ecosystem war. His concluded that Nokia has failed to keep pace with market disruptions from its rivals and is therefore lacking in competitiveness, that the battle of devices has been superseded by a battle of ecosystems and that Nokia has lacked accountability and leadership to drive the company through changing times.

Nokia has second highest market share after Samsung. Furthermore, this is a partnership of a bigger scale and more equal footing than anything else Microsoft has done in mobile.

Critical to the ability to differentiate, is to ask what devices Nokia will be needing to differentiate against. In the light of the problems that Nokia was facing there was a clear consensus that action was necessary. Participating in a jointly built ecosystem with Microsoft makes a lot of sense.

Regardless of how the two services are amalgamated or notthe companies do have strong music assets in place. If no, a strategic partnership with Microsoft and a switch to Windows Phone offers the best way forward.

Smartphone category has most margins but there is another fact also which says that every segment have intense competition and mainly because product differentiation is becoming less.This step is important in order to understand the underlying drivers for Nokia’s strategy choice in the smartphone market).

which business they are in and who is the customer and what this customer value. so it builds its marketing strategy protecting from those.1/5(1).

Marketing Strategies Used By Nokia. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers.

This e-business strategy that supplement Nokia traditional phone support is a system that saves precious time for Nokia while providing. Consumers are always after the most innovative and best looking Smartphone because in today’s culture people are judge on how fashionable they are by their choice of mobile phone.

* Show a full understanding of a marketing strategy for Nokia with a clear understanding of marketing principles. Documents Similar To Objectives of Nokia 4/4(5).

Feb 25,  · There is an excitement in the digital air at Mobile World Congress. The Nokia name is back. Europe’s former smartphone juggernaut has resurfaced, promising new handsets, the return of a familiar.

Understanding Nokia's smartphone strategy decision

Download: Understanding Nokia's smartphone strategy decision. Executive Summary. Nokia's smartphone strategy is a profound change for the company, marking the end of an era. A strategy change became necessary in the face of declining market share, caused by intense competition from its rivals in the smartphone space.

For understanding its international strategic planning and the reason for its success by properly implementing its strategic planning globally. Even the PEST, porter’s five stage model and SWOT of the company also made the concept and analysis more clear. Global strategy: For Nokia it was very important to keep a strong distribution.

Understanding nokias smartphone strategy
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