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Velay is known for research that shows that writing by hand activates other parts of the brain than typing on a keyboard. From baby pink and apple green to bold, bright neon colors and every shade in between, our customers will quickly find a perfect fit for every outing or event.

We experienced the birth and rise of the Internet and ecommerce. The test subjects who read on paper became more deeply involved with the story than those who read it on the tablet. How do we do it? They compared reading of a short narrative text on an iPad with reading it on paper.

Additionally, the embroidery Wholesale copy paper are virtually endless on these garments. Colourbox Although tablets like iPads let you turn pages with a flick of the finger, your finger only brushes against smooth glass. Norwegian study A new Norwegian study of 10th graders confirms that reading texts in print versus on a computer screen is better for some aspects of comprehension.

As with all of our inventory, these customizable caps are all listed at bulk discounted rates. The teens were then asked to answer questions that would show how well they had comprehended the text. She is currently working in France with the neurophysiologist Jean-Luc Velay.

Mangen says that a wholesale shift to digital forms of information presentation ignores conclusions from her research as well as most of what she has learned from other psychological studies in this field.

This perceptible, direct experience gives you a mental map of the entire text. You can quickly leaf through the pages with your fingers.

Because we do all embroidery and screen printing on our wholesale hats and wholesale caps in-house, we save time and money, keeping your costs to a minimum. Paper speaks to your emotions Comprehension is not the only thing that suffers. Lengthy texts call for quicker navigation. The text and surface no longer comprise a tangible unit.

You can feel the weight, texture and thickness of a pamphlet or a book. The volunteers in their investigation read mystery novels, either on a Kindle tablet or in ordinary books.

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Paper also seems to communicate more to our emotions than a screen does, according to tests that Anne Mangen conducted recently with David Miall and Don Kuiken, who are professors of literature and psychology respectively at the University of Alberta in Canada.

University of Stavanger The results clearly demonstrated that those who had read on computer screens had understood less than those who read on paper.

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Mangen and Velay are currently involved in studies that literally touch on this phenomenon. Body and mind belong together The findings open doors to essential insights with a rather classical bent: Colourbox On the contrary, there is a much greater and closer connection between what we sense and do with our bodies and what we understand.

This age-old understanding is getting increasing attention among neurologists, psychologists and philosophers. We attribute our success to good old fashion family values -- honesty, character, and an unyielding dedication to our 1 most important commitment -- YOU!

A tablet is fun, but your experience, with your fingers gliding along smooth glass, is less tactile than a book. Smooth glass That physical experience is nearly absent when reading on a screen. Mangen and her co-authors discuss various possible causes in an article in the International Journal of Educational Research as well as in an article in the Norwegian journal Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift.

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